Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's All in the Details: Napkins

Napkins are the perfect way to infuse color, style and personality with little impact to your wedding budget. There are so many napkin and ink colors available, you are sure to find your perfect match and we can help! Don’t just do one napkin color, do several! They can be great conversation starters for you guests especially when they have games on them! 


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We're Crazy About...Lovely Wedding Details!

I have wine my mind! Just last weekend I was in Napa to visit the Silverado Resort and Spa for a June wedding we are doing. With those inspirations on my mind, I came across these fab little escort card holders. Sure, we have all seen them when they are laid down but this is a fun spin + it adds color! Thanks to Lovely Wedding Details - you can find them in the wedding section on Esty!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Inspiration 101: Orange & Gray

Gray has been so hot for the past year and we are still loving everything about it. It is a great ‘cool’ color that can take the edge off of hot vibrant colors and also can add a more contemporary and modern edge to the color palette. When paired with orange, these two colors play off each other brilliantly while still maintaining their own identity. It is a playful match that we hope sticks around for a bit!
Cloud 9 board

Friday, April 1, 2011

Oh Martha! Popular Cake Toppers

Want cake topper inspiration? Look no further than Martha. Some toppers can be family heirlooms, some are whimsical and traditional packed with lovely tradition. Read below to get the scoop from Martha on what certain cake toppers can mean.
This horseshoe is a classic symbol of good fortune; a bride in England might tie a horseshow charm to her wrist for luck. The topper here is made of phalais, a dried grass that resembles wheat, itself an emblem of fertility and abundance. The ribbon is embriodered with the couples' initials.  
In Bermuda, couples top their wedding cakes with tiny saplings, which they plant to grow as their marriages do. Here, a milk-chocolate figurine, formed in a replica of a 1920s mold, stands on a faux top tier of Styrofoam coated to match the cake. The flowering quince branches above were painted with chocolate (choose pesticide-free foliage). Chocolate modeling dough makes a balustrade and miniature roses. The rolled fondant is tinted pink to pick up the hue of the quince.
As legend has it, wedding bells ring out to announce a brand-new union to the world -- and also to frighten away any evil spirits. These bells and the wreath of paper flowers that encircles them were made using the old-fashioned art of quilling, in which strips of paper are manipulated into intricate shapes. Gum-paste curlicues on the fondant-covered cake pick up where the paper ones leave off.

Guests will be enchanted with a pale-blue wedding cake draped in garlands of tiny leaves and delicate paper bows. A matching wreath topper symbolizes the eternal nature of marriage.
Working with designer Denise Sharp, they took poetic license with Elizabeth Barrett Browning's famed love sonnet, quoting it on a cake by Kromer. Sharp's calligraphed paper garlands -- dotted with ribbon flowers and bows, and adhered with royal icing -- and paper bands encircle fondant tiers that graduate from rosy pink to paler pink on top. The bands are layered over satin ribbon and scalloped cardboard trim wrapped with embroidery floss. A crepe-paper bouquet on a fondant disk is the crown.
The topper is made of three nesting boxes, each edged in gold ribbon, tied up like a parcel from an elegant boutique.
For this cake topper, we selected a dish made of a barley candy. If you want to use a china dish, which is much heavier, insert three or four dowels into the top tier of the cake to support it.
A sunny canopy parts to reveal a three-tiered, fondant-covered cake. It is finished with an initial made of hand-painted, sugar-paste flowers, a sweet topper for a garden wedding.