Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wedding Etiquette Wednesday: Attire 101

A couple was getting married, and it was only three days before the wedding. The bride calls her mother with some bad news. "Mom," she says, "I just found out that my fiance's mother has bought the exact same dress as you to wear to the wedding." The bride's mother thinks for a minute. "Don't worry," she tells her daughter. "I'll just go and buy another dress to wear to the ceremony." "But mother," says the bride, "that dress cost a fortune. What will you do with it? It's such a waste not to use it." "Who said I won't use it?" her mother asked. "I'll just wear it to the rehearsal dinner."

We've all been faced with the question, "What should I wear?" Here's a few guidelines to help break it down.

Daytime Wedding For Her
- A fun floral dress
- A skirt and a sweater set with beautiful shoes
- A light colored suit
- A beautiful hat that coordinates with your outfit

Daytime Wedding For Him
- In the summertime, a light-colored suit, especially linen or seersucker
- Winter weddings call for warmer clothing, including wool suits, a navy blazer with charcoal pants, and perhaps a sweater and tie underneath a blazer
- A dress shirt, tie and dress pants is acceptable, but dress it up with a blazer if you can
- If the invitation says formal, wear a dark suit. Tuxedoes are not appropriate before 6 pm

Evening Wedding For Her
- Dress as you would if you were going out to the theater or to dinner.
- A cocktail dress – nothing too sexy but something fun to dance in. Black is fine.
- A dressy suit or a cocktail suit
- Wear darker colors and look for something sophisticated
- Avoid beads or sequins unless the invitation specifically says black tie

Evening Wedding For Him
- A dark suit is always appropriate
- If the invitation says casual or semi-formal, you can wear a blazer and slacks with a nice tie

Black-Tie Optional For Her
- A cocktail dress, perhaps to the floor

Black-Tie Optional For Him
- If you have a tuxedo, or just like wearing one, by all means do so
- Otherwise, wear a dark suit. Dress as formally as you can.

Black-Tie for Her
- A formal dress, usually to the floor
- Bring out those beaded purses, fancy wraps and formal jewelry that's been waiting for an occasion such as this

Black-Tie For Him
- A tuxedo is the only appropriate thing to wear. If it says creative black tie, he should still wear a tuxedo, perhaps with a black shirt or collarless white shirt.

- White. (This rule has relaxed some, and you can get away with wearing a printed dress with a white background and some cream colored clothing. Just be careful not to upstage the bride.)
- Black to a daytime wedding
- Jeans
- Anything too sexy or revealing
- Anything torn, with holes, stained, too big or too small for you!

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