Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wedding Etiquette Wednesday - Facebook

With Facebook more popular than ever, we found this bit of etiquette as posted on Martha Stewart Weddings to be quite interesting and relevant.

It seems like the etiquette game is constantly changing. And nowhere is that more apparent than in the digital realm. Case in point? A reader recently wrote in with the following questions:

Lots of my friends and family are on Facebook. Can I create a page just for my wedding, and post updates, etc.? Or maybe an event? Is it rude to post status updates about my wedding planning on my own wall?

Here’s the etiquette rule at play -- and it’s a biggie: It’s rude to talk about a social event in front of someone who is not invited but has reason to think they might have been.

Facebook makes this hard to apply. It's still sort of new, in etiquette terms; people develop so many differing levels of intimacy, and everyone uses Facebook differently. So be cautious with status updates, depending on who is in your “friends” list, and how it compares to who is on your guest list. A few general status updates are fine. You can’t hide the news -- just don’t dwell on it.

As for creating a page or an event: restrict these to be visible only to the “friends” who are also on your guest list. But be warned: Most people don't care about your trips to the florist or cake baker the way you do, so just keep that in mind.

c9 Weddings & Papers readers - what do you think?

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