Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wedding Etiquette Wednesday: Thank You Notes

There was a great etiquette blurb on what NOT to send as a wedding thank you note in the Denver Post's Ask Amy column in June. The writer was telling Amy that she had received another pre-printed thank you note generically 'thanking' the gift giver for the wedding check she sent. Coincidentally, I received a pre-printed thank you note recently from a couple that I had sent a wedding gift to which was actually personalized stationery for them to use as thank you notes.

Surprisingly, quite a few of the stationery lines that I carry offer pre-printed thank you notes. In addition to the 'Thank You' printed on the front, there is also an option to customize a personal (yet impersonal) note inside that thanks the gift giver for the gift. Etiquettely speaking: Always write a personal thank you note to anyone that gives you a gift for any occasion. Writing great thank you notes is an art form that is unfortunately fading however the impact of a well-thought out note does not go unnoticed. It also communicates your sincere gratitude to the sender of the wonderful gift you have received.

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