Friday, January 7, 2011

Wedding 911- What Would You Do?

One of the biggest nightmares for a bride is for something to happen to their dress on the wedding day. This unfortunate instance happened to one of our brides several years ago. She had a gorgeous dress from a designer everyone knows. The design was a strapless number with horizontal inch and a half pieces of fabric that ran across the bodice and skirt. She had problems with the zipper where it actually busted out from the dress. The seamstress at the dress shop sewed it in twice.

When we arrived on location she had not yet started her pictures because her zipper had busted out a THIRD time! The look on her face was pure horror. To make things more difficult we were not in Denver and nowhere close to any store. I felt so bad for her but we didn't have a minute to loose. Every wedding planner MUST add this to their emergency kit: a RUG HOOK. Most dresses are very heavy with thick fabric that a regular needle will not be strong enough to pull thread through.

We took thin fishing line and a rug hook and sewed that bride right into her dress. Being strapless, I was worried about how long our fix would work. It worked all night! She was able to dance all night without a worry. You can guess what we gave she and her groom as a parting gift - a seam ripper!!!

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