Thursday, November 3, 2011

Vintage Mirror Chalkboards from Shabby McFabby on Etsy

The idea of using an old mirror with an added chalkboard or magnetic board for your escort cards, brilliant.  Shabby McFabby's shop on Etsy, gives just the right amount of vintage with a kick of modern that can add for an excellent piece of interest on your special day.  The luggage tag like guest cards with the little keys mixed with gorgeous vintage mirrors, oooolala!  They are so gorgeous and can be customized with any color at any wedding.  Visit Shabby McFabby's Etsy Shop for more ideas on how to use a vintage mirror as an eye catcher at your wedding.

Great little details with the keys and vintage numbers for escort/guest cards.

All photos from Shabby McFabby



    I bought what I thought was a vintage frame from shabbymcfabby(because it was listed as Vintage in the headline and she referred to it several times as vintage in our messages to each other).

    When I saw the exact same frame at IKEA it was a horrible feeling. The shabbymcabby shop completely mislead me, to put it nicely. Kimber, who runs shabbymcfabby is a fraudulent liar to put it bluntly.

    The funny thing is I found out it was an IKEA frame before I even got my mirror. Before the order had been shipped. I tried to cancel my order with shabbymcfabby. I just wanted to wash my hands of the entire situation. There was no reasoning with Kimber from shabbymcfabby. The run around 'conversation' via messages was hard to deal with. I asked for a refund. She chose to stand by her store policy and not refund me. Kimber stated my frame would be to my house by a certain time. It is now weeks late. So here we are.


    My entire beef with Kimber and shabbymcfabby surprisingly isn't the fact that they are selling repainted IKEA frames.

    (or not painted. I don't believe for a second that they do actually repaint the black and white frames they buy from IKEA & then sell on etsy)

    Reworked stuff can totally be cool. It's the fact that they blatantly lie about what their product is. They call it vintage and handmade when it is NOT. I don't expect for them to state flat out that their product is from IKEA. I do except them to be honest about what the product they are selling is. Plain and simple.

    Call it a new frame they added their own touches to, painted, or reworked. Whatever.

    Do not call a product VINTAGE when it is BRAND NEW or HANDMADE when it is a MASS PRODUCED PRODUCT FROM A GIANT CORPORATION. I expect not to be lied to.

    It is fraudulent and shabbymcfabby knows it. I think deep down etsy knows it too. Which is why they keep shutting down her store.

    Where you can find more people she's conned:

    Where you can find the same frame at IKEA:

  2. Why has this blogger not replied? This is a disservice to your readers who may have read this blog post of yours and bought a fraudulent item from this fraudulent etsy store: shabbymcfabby. A follow up post should be done.