Thursday, January 12, 2012

Unique Ways to Use Mason Jars

Who knew that mason jars could be such a great piece for a wedding?  Well, we know they look absolutely magnificent and there is such a wide variety of uses that how could you go wrong?  It's amazing the great impact mason jars can add to your decor.  Think they are cheap to buy and a great DIY.  One of our favorite uses is the easy DIY consisting of filling a mason jar with oil and then submerging the photographs into the oil.  This adds a great vintage feel to all your photos.   Don't worry there are lots more ideas including floral arrangements, using for lemonade (which we are doing at an upcoming wedding and we can't wait to see how it looks) or even a dessert bar.  The list goes on!

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Clockwise: Source, Source, Source, Source

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  1. Wow! such a super idea to use the mason jars and make them live in the public. Great creativity man. We have seen the jars for keeping the food stuff generally, but yes you gave a very special treatment to them.
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