Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bella Bridesmaid- Fall Promotions

Bella Bridesmaid of Denver is offering a wonderful promotion for LulaKate, Anna Elyse and Lynn Lugo bridesmaids dresses. Check them out at 300 Josephine Street, Ste 120 Denver 80206.
All Lulekate Bridesmaids Dresses are an additional 5% off (on top of existing discounts)

Total discounts are:
1-2 dresses - 5%
3-6 dresses - 10%
7-9 dresses - 15%
10+ - 20%

To view the full line, visit The deadline for this great deal: Dresses must be ordered by November 15th.

For Anna Elyse: All orderes of 3 or more dresses are 20% off! View at Dresses must be ordered by September 30th.

For Lynn Lygo: All Bridesmaid Dresses are an additional $20 off on top of existing discounts. Visit for full line. Dresses must be ordered by November 30th.

1-2 dresses - $20 off & 3 + dresses - $45 off

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