Friday, September 17, 2010

Wedding 911 - What Do You Do?

When people ask me if I took classes on becoming a wedding planner, I tell them that 95% of what I know is through experience. I will be posting a slough of minor emergencies (minor to us, sometimes major to brides) that we have dealt with in hopes this will help our associates and brides alike.

This first little gem took place last weekend in Estes Park. The couple had decided to do a sand ceremony where they wanted to combine three colors of sand into a personalized glass vessel. The glassware all made it however the sand did not. Being in Estes Park, there are VERY limited resources to find sand. The local hardware stores and florists did not have it and there are no hobby stores for miles.

I knew that there had to be a simple solution with our limited means and these are the options for the bride and groom that we came up with that closely resembled sand: sugar, ground coffee, 'lizard litter', aquarium tank reptile dirt, ground pepper and cinnamon. The bride ended up picking the first three items (the lizard litter came from the local pet store) and it looked amazing! Besides the faint smell of coffee, you really could not tell that it wasn't sand. Phew!

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