Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oh Martha! Fall Wedding Favor Ideas

With fall air in the midst, we are starting to think of how to pull the change of weather into upcoming weddings.  Yes, Martha Stewart once again has the answers of how to use fall in all aspects of your wedding.  Favors for your guests being one of those areas.  There are so many ways to pull in the colors and the flavors of fall into your wedding favors.  From ripe pears to tea bags to homemade goods, all your guests will leave feeling happy and looking forward to fall. 
Use burlap with orange and brown coated chocolate to create a rustic fall feel. 

Fall colors can change any guest favor to fit your theme.

We feel like tea is just the beginning of fall, keeps you warm and cozy as the weather changes.

Who can say no to homemade goods?!   

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